"A wonderfully fun and informative training experience!"

Our beginner classes teach your staff how to edit and improve images for online publication

Intermediate classes will raise your staff to the next level.

Advanced classes teach your staff to create images that do more than just illustrate, but are content in their own right

"I was amazed how quickly I progressed to doing advanced photo editing and manipulation - after just one or two sessions"

Photoshop training designed for your staff

Now, more than ever, staff working on web-based content need a wide-variety of skills. They need to be able to write, to use content management systems, to track page-view and unique-user metrics. And to edit images. They need to be a jack of all trades and, often, master of at least one. PhotoTrained is a Photoshop training service specifically designed for digital journalists, editors, and web producers.

About your tutor

Antony Bennison has a decade of photo editing experience. He worked as a full-time photo editor for five years where his galleries gained millions of page-views every week. He has trained editorial staff at all levels, from basic Photoshop editing, to advanced classes on unique image creation. He is currently a guest professor at the IE School of Communication in Madrid, teaching Photo Editing in Digital Journalism.